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Broadbean Integration with Staffing Future

Seamless integration of your jobs and application workflow using Staffing Future’s website platform and Broadbean

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Integrate & Automate Job Distribution

Maximize your reach to market through our Broadbean integration which synchronizes your jobs and pushes your candidate data back in to the ATS.

Jobs Out

Push your jobs straight to Broadbean to draw in applicants to your jobs on your site or within Indeed.

Candidates In

Use Broadbean apply or redirect visitors to your site to apply using your API integrated application process.

What We Offer

Broadbean & Staffing Future

The partnership between Broadbean, a leading job distribution software provider, and Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform brings forth a powerful collaboration that transforms the way staffing agencies attract candidate job applications. By combining Broadbean’s advanced job distribution capabilities with Staffing Future’s comprehensive Candidate SaaS Platform, this partnership offers a seamless solution for staffing agencies to optimize their candidate pool, attract top talent, and drive success in the competitive job market.

Efficient Job Distribution

The partnership between Broadbean and Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform ensures efficient job distribution to an extensive network of job boards and platforms. Broadbean’s robust job distribution software simplifies the process of posting job openings to multiple job boards simultaneously, expanding the reach of staffing agencies’ job opportunities. Through the integration with Staffing Future’s platform, agencies can seamlessly distribute their job postings to a diverse range of job boards, reaching a larger audience and increasing the chances of attracting quality candidates.

Maximized Job Visibility

The partnership significantly enhances the visibility of job postings, increasing their exposure to potential candidates. Broadbean’s job distribution software allows agencies to strategically target specific job boards and platforms that align with their desired candidate profiles. By leveraging Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform, agencies can ensure that their job postings reach a wider audience, maximizing their visibility and attracting a higher volume of qualified applicants.

Streamlined Application Process

The partnership streamlines the job application process for candidates, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Candidates can easily access and apply for job openings directly through the Broadbean platform, utilizing Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform. The integrated application process saves candidates time and effort, enabling them to submit their applications quickly and efficiently. This streamlined process enhances the overall candidate experience, increasing engagement and encouraging a higher volume of quality job applications.

Targeted Candidate Matching

The partnership leverages advanced candidate matching capabilities to deliver targeted job recommendations to potential applicants. By combining Broadbean’s job distribution software with Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform, staffing agencies can intelligently match job postings with candidates based on their skills, experience, and preferences. This targeted approach ensures that candidates receive personalized job recommendations that align with their qualifications and career goals, increasing their interest and likelihood of submitting applications.

Comprehensive Candidate Profile Management

Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform empowers candidates to create and manage comprehensive profiles that showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications. Candidates can utilize the platform to highlight their expertise, upload resumes, and provide additional information that enhances their profile’s visibility to staffing agencies. This comprehensive profile management system allows candidates to present themselves effectively, increasing their chances of attracting the attention of potential employers and receiving job offers.

Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

The partnership provides staffing agencies with access to data-driven insights and reporting through Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform. Agencies can track and analyze key recruitment metrics, such as the number of applications received, candidate engagement, and conversion rates. These valuable insights enable agencies to measure the effectiveness of their job distribution efforts, optimize their recruitment strategies, and make data-backed decisions to attract a higher volume of quality job applications.

Collaboration and Support

The partnership emphasizes collaboration and support for staffing agencies utilizing Broadbean and Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform. Agencies can benefit from expert guidance on optimizing job distribution strategies, improving candidate engagement, and leveraging data-driven insights to attract more job applications. Ongoing support and resources are available to address any inquiries or challenges faced during the recruitment process, ensuring that agencies receive the necessary assistance to maximize their candidate job application efforts.


The partnership between Broadbean and Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform empowers staffing agencies to attract a wide range of candidate job applications and drive success in their recruitment efforts. By leveraging Broadbean’s advanced job distribution capabilities, seamless application process, and targeted candidate matching, combined with the comprehensive profile management and data-driven insights provided by Staffing Future’s platform, agencies can effectively engage with candidates, maximize their candidate pool, and make informed decisions to secure top talent. Together, Broadbean and Staffing Future’s Candidate SaaS Platform offer a comprehensive solution that enables staffing agencies to optimize their job distribution strategy and attract quality candidates in the competitive job market.

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A: All our major network partners have XML ready feeds built in to our platform, so spinning up a feed takes a few minutes.

A: Your data is batched to update every 2 hours - or based on an instant build XML depending if you use our Enterprise solution. Broadbean typically read your jobs every 6 hours.

A: Yes, we can use specific rules to detect only jobs you wish to sponsor in Broadbean.

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