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HR Logics Integration with Staffing Future

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HR Logics

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Through the integration of enhanced engagement tools such as HR Logics, companies can improve the overall conversion and retention of candidate traffic.

What We Offer

HR Logics & Staffing Future

In an era where the human aspect of customer care and true partnership between compliance providers and their clients are fading, HR Logics emerges as a beacon of trust and reliability. Established with a clear mission to offer employers safe and trustworthy compliance technologies centered on client outcomes, HR Logics is set to transform the compliance landscape.

Key Services Include:

Electronic Form I-9 Management, Compliance, and Storage
Affordable Care Act Compliance – Reporting, Tracking & Filing
Capturing Hiring Incentives & Employer Tax Credits
Unemployment Cost Control and Tax Consulting
Employment & Wage Verifications

Why HR Logics Exists:

The compliance industry has seen a shift away from personalized service, with employees reduced to mere data sets and their information turned into profit centers. Service has become transactional, reactive, and impersonal. HR Logics, however, aims to reverse this trend by reintroducing partnership, guidance, and the human aspect of customer care.

What HR Logics Offers:

HR Logics introduces Logical Compliance Management, a revolutionary approach to managing complex HR compliance tasks. Through its unified Compliance Hive and centralized service team, HR Logics empowers organizations to navigate intricate legal requirements with ease and peace of mind.

Simplified Compliance:

HR Logics provides a seamless experience with its “One Vendor, One Login, One Contact” approach. By choosing HR Logics as your single vendor for all compliance services, you benefit from unified solutions that minimize complexity and ensure accountability. Access all compliance technologies and centralized reporting with just one login, and rely on your dedicated US-based Compliance Champion as your sole point of contact.

The Power Behind the Compliance Hive:

The Compliance Hive is powered by best-in-class compliance technologies, including:
Clear I-9, Oncentive, Syncstream, Unemployment Tracker, and Clear Verify.

Our Driving Values:

Innovation: HR Logics is committed to being a change-maker in the industry, constantly iterating and generating new ideas.

Integrity: Our products, services, and customer relationships are built on reliability, honesty, trust, and transparency.

Impact: We deliver real, trackable ROI to businesses, enhancing profitability and safeguarding their bottom line.

“Our goal is to build the easiest, most advanced, and customer-centric compliance platform on the market, empowering HR teams with the tools and resources they need to ensure compliance and minimize risk.” – Shannon Scott, CEO of HR Logics

HR Logics is your trusted partner in simplifying HR compliance, providing the tools and expertise to ensure compliance while minimizing risk and complexity.

About HR Logics:

HR Logics is a leading provider of HR compliance solutions, offering Logical Compliance Management services to help organizations navigate complex HR compliance requirements with ease. With a commitment to innovation, integrity, and real impact, HR Logics aims to empower HR teams while simplifying compliance processes. Visit for more information.

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