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About Cherry Professional

The highest rated Finance, HR and Business Support recruitment consultancy in the East Midlands, Cherry Professional, recruits from several offices and has an industry leading team with ambition to deploy the latest technologies to accelerate their hiring processes. Cherry Professional's reputation for providing excellent recruitment services in their specialised sectors is testament to their commitment to finding the right talent match for progressive companies.

Staffing Future’s website drives truly “Connected Recruiting” for Cherry Professional's team and drives productivity. Cherry Professional leveraged Staffing Future’s deep and custom integration with their ATS and marketing automation software to drive engagement, conversion and productivity. Within three months of going live, Cherry Professional had already put 12 hours back onto each of their consultant’s desks every week. Integrating custom fields and data flows has helped create a consumer grade experience for talent and employers. As our understanding of their recruiting processes deepens, Staffing Future is continuing to establish ourselves as true website and technology integration partners for Cherry Professional

Project Solution

Staffing Future project managed the entire website design and build process to create a compelling and competitive site to engage & convert target audiences. Staffing Future supply a suite of custom-made solutions for Cherry Professional's specific needs in finance, office, and HR sectors. Deploying innovative recruitment technologies and using our strategic consultation services, Staffing Future enhanced Cherry Professional's operational efficiency significantly, accelerated recruitment processes, and overall candidate engagement. Partnership between Staffing Future and Cherry Professional demonstrates just how impactful the implementation of tailor-made, integrated solutions can lead to significant progress in core recruitment effectiveness, fostering growth with remarkable results in an extremely competitive sector.

“Our tech-enabled, custom-designed website and Staffing Future traffic networks create a strong, consistent brand experience. Seamless data flow into our ATS triggers marketing automation for a first-class candidate and client experience. Our recruiting processes run on rails & our teams have more time to service clients better and engage with candidates faster.

Staffing Future is proactive in site design & build and project management was faultless. Regular customer success meetings allow us to iterate our site, and recruiting processes forward. Reviewing performance means we plan better and drive success. Staffing Future's custom integration with our tech stack creates a platform to drive "connected recruiting" quality traffic in volume and convert users into clients & candidates into revenue faster. Sarah Gibson, Marketing Director, Cherry Professional

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