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About Harnham

Harnham is one of the world’s leading providers of recruitment services and advice to the Data and Analytics marketplace. Harnham supports global corporations through to ambitious local start-ups, so whether you need a Credit Risk Manager in London, a Data Scientist in New York, or a Head of Analytics in Frankfurt, Harnham helps you achieve your business goals. Harnham's commitment to delivering cutting-edge recruitment services stands out and establishes them as the leader within the Data and Analytics recruitment. Harnham’s challenge was to leverage their technology stack better, integrate their ATS/CRM into their workflows seamlessly, and ensure data is transferred to where it needs to be, when it is needed, into the hands of those consultants who can take action to convert enquiries into revenue/placements. Within just three months, Harnham invoiced a multi million pound contract generated by organic traffic, previously an unknown opportunity to the business with a prospect they were unaware were in need of their services. Consultants are better informed, better equipped and furnished with more comprehensive data to engage and convert new business and applicants in the most competitive recruitment sector in the world.

Users enjoy a more connected, consumer-grade brand experience, consistent engagement and frictionless recruiting processes delivered by experts. Harnham's experienced team has best-in-class world-leading operations and processes, a robust strategy, and a formidable commitment to driving growth and innovation in Data and Analytics recruitment on a global scale.

Project Solution

Staffing Future, key project drivers of Harnham’s solution provider for Harnham faces complex challenges to master the fast-paced, ever-evolving Data and Analytics field and the demand for specialist talent. To tackle these unique challenges, Staffing Future offers a comprehensive set of custom solutions to optimise Harnham's recruitment process.

Deploying state-of-the-art recruitment technologies after strategic consultation, Staffing Future improved Harnham's operational efficiencies, candidate engagement, and overall recruitment outcomes. Staffing Future's ability to tailor website solutions, and embed technology driving speed and success, enables Harnham to compete and win in Data and Analytics recruitment.

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