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About ICE Group

ICE Group has 50 years experience in recruitment, training, and outsourced services across the West of Ireland and beyond. ICE Group pioneers many exciting initiatives to change the lives of clients, candidates, and staff.

Best known for rolling out the first Four Day Week in Ireland, the 3-Day Weekend is more than just a book. It's the standard work pattern for full-time employees at ICE Group. ICE Group's dedication and exceptional service to Ireland’s recruitment community is down to its ability to continually adapt to the dynamic Irish employment market. ICE Group's range of services, expertise in 9 diverse sectors, and their commitment to outstanding quality matches for job seekers and employers is best in class. ICE Group plays a significant role in shaping the local, regional, and global employment market and needed a website and technology partner to help them achieve stretch business goals.

Project Solution

Staffing Future is the ideal website and technology integration partner for ICE Group. With exceptional understanding of recruiting processes and technology expertise, we deploy & maintain innovative process to accelerate ICE Group hiring, Staffing Future successfully addressed complex recruiting technology integration and process challenges faced by ICE Group. Our team meticulously analysed ICE Group's requirements and implemented tailored solutions and a custom website design to optimize workflows and improve reporting so the ICE Group management team had the information they needed to make informed, data-driven decisions to drive their business forward. “Working with Staffing Future is excellent. As a fast-paced organisation, they delivered our website in a challenging timeline to ensure no service loss to clients. Staffing Future helps us be more efficient & attract candidates.” Tom Cranley, Marketing Manager, ICE Group.

Leveraging and integrating complex technologies to drive involved processes with a simple, intuitive user experience drives success and revenue. Our team used our deep understanding of ICE Group talent pools and client acquisition to engage, convert and delight ICE Group target audiences. Driving a complete digital transformation within ICE Group's recruitment, onboarding, and talent management strategies, Staffing Future’s comprehensive suite of services, and proprietary platform drive outstanding business performance. Our platform and high touch on going support ensure we’re a true partner working with ICE Group to streamline ICE Group's operations, increase efficiency, and productivity, whilst reducing costs and improving the quality of consultant output, helping management drive their business forward.

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