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    Sense: Automation for Recruitment Agencies

If you’re looking to leave the competition in your wake and streamline recruiting operations deploy Sense, the cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated with your ATS to help. Sense has integrations with Salesforce, TargetRecruit, Bullhorn, Bullhorn for Salesforce, Mercury, JobDiva, (and several others) so you know your consultants can use it and will love doing so. By leveraging SenseHQ’s powerful features and Staffing Future’s integration, recruiters unlock a world of opportunities to supercharge your recruitment processes. 

Engage and Connect with Candidates (and clients) like Never Before

With Sense’s Engage feature, you transform your candidate communication strategy. Recruiters stay top-of-mind and build stronger relationships by delivering personalised, timely, and automated trigger-based communication at every stage of the candidate journey. Now, candidates expect a “consumer grade” brand experience. Using multi-channel outreach, including email, text messaging, and AI-powered chatbots, engaging candidates in a way that suits them transforms your candidate and consultant experience. Using Sense’s omnichannel approach, you’ll convert more leads, drive and measure candidate satisfaction, and increase placements with Sense’s Engage feature.

Text Messaging – Efficient and Effective 

Text Messaging takes candidate communication to the next level. Engaging candidates where they are most responsive, directly on their smartphones, recruiters can send automated text messaging campaigns, personalized messages, follow-ups, and reminders with very little/no effort using Sense. Whether it’s updating candidates on new job opportunities, scheduling interviews, or giving valuable insights, Sense establishes a fast and efficient connection between your consultants and your talent that sets your agency apart.

Seamless AI Chatbot

Recruitment agencies streamline candidate interaction and save time with Sense’s AI Chatbot. Their cutting-edge technology handles repetitive tasks, answers common inquiries, and gives real-time support to candidates. By automating the initial screening process, recruiters can focus your team’s efforts on higher-value tasks, such as nurturing stronger candidate relationships, engaging with clients more often, and helping them make stronger placements. Sense’s AI Chatbot improves efficiency, delivers exceptional candidate experiences, and optimises your recruiting processes.

Discover Hidden Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

Sense’s Discover feature gives recruiters valuable insights and analytics to make data-driven decisions. Harnessing the data held in your ATS, you get a comprehensive understanding of your recruitment performance. Management and your consultants can identify bottlenecks, measure campaign effectiveness, track candidate engagement, and refine strategies to drive success better. Sense’s Discover feature helps recruiters continuously iterate and move their recruitment process forward for better results.

Seamless Integration with Salesforce and other ATSs

If you’re using Salesforce as your ATS, the integration between Staffing Future and Sense is perfect. You’ll leverage the combined power of both platforms to seamlessly manage and accelerate your recruitment process whilst improving your candidate and consultant experience. Capture data, automate workflows, and improve visibility within your familiar Salesforce interface. Our integration lets recruiters optimise their tech stack to realise incredible new productivity levels.

Get Ready to Revolutionise Your Recruitment Processes

Deploying Sense in your recruiting processes and tech stack tools up your recruiters to engage with candidates and clients like never before. Leverage efficient text messaging, streamline interactions with AI chatbots, and easily make data-driven decisions. Integrating your Staffing Future website and SenseHQ’ll take your consultant productivity to new heights, and revenues will soon follow.

To transform your recruitment process, learn more about Sense, and this tech can help you win the race for talent. Get in touch, and we’ll share some success stories with you.