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Co-Founder & CTO
Experience More Than 20+ Years

More About Bruce...

As our Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Bruce comes with more than 20 years of hands-on Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Technology experience focusing on the HCM (human capital management) market. 

Bruce has collaborated with some of the largest companies and suppliers globally providing differentiated value to help them succeed and accomplish their strategic goals within the talent acquisition and recruitment space. By overcoming both technological and process challenges, he examines and implements short, medium, and long-term strategies to ensure that companies utilize the latest and greatest talent acquisition in technology and offshore process outsourcing to deliver industry-leading results.

“I love our team, the fun work culture, and our true purpose of solving staffing company problems like no other company!”

When Bruce isn’t launching a new website or innovating new technology, you can find him mountain biking, dirt bike riding, & wine tasting in sunny San Diego, California.