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The process of having the website was very smooth, and I felt we were well supported along the way and given advice and guidance where necessary. The team was also very flexible in amending designs and making page changes.

Since the go-live, the support has been excellent. Customer service was the most significant factor for us based on our experience with our previous supplier, and it has been a great experience. Tom was very hands-on after the go-live ensuring everything was working correctly, and whenever there was an issue, it was quickly resolved. Whenever we have had any problems, they have been acknowledged immediately, and Tom has always been available for a quick call, even on short notice. The ticketing support site has also been very efficient.

Overall the experience has been excellent. Clearly, the team are experts in the issues faced with recruitment sites, and the advice has been great. As mentioned, the ongoing support was crucial for us, and we have not been let down.

Marketing Associate Alldus International